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Would you like to be happier and no longer feel that emptiness deep inside you? Sylvia Duijm will draw up a tailor-made programme for you to give you a lasting feeling of happiness in your life.

Do you long for happiness?

You want to feel happy, now and later, because you’ve worked hard for it. You’ve taken the right steps in your career, have no financial worries and you live in a nice house. You have no real complaints as regards relationships and friendships. And even if you haven’t yet attained those goals, looking back over what you have already achieved, you would like to be more conscious of enjoying life.

Sometimes you feel an emptiness within. Although there is no real reason to be unhappy, you still feel you can get more out of life. But how? Instituut Felixe offers you a personal programme for a lasting feeling of happiness.

You can invest in your happiness.’

This is how to be happy

Maybe someone once told you that you can be happy when you pause for a moment and enjoy what you have achieved. Or that you should find the right balance between your working and private life. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The problem is, there is no universal guideline for happiness.

Coaching is made-to-measure

A plan, exactly tailor-made to your requirements, helps you on your way to lasting happiness. For three decades Sylvia Duijm has been coaching people so they can feel happier in their lives. At Instituut Felixe she draws up a programme with a team of experts that is appropriate to your individual wishes and needs.

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Don’t postpone your happiness

Are you concerned about investing the time? Do you think you don’t need to enlist a coach – I’m not all that unhappy, after all. Ask yourself why you should put off happiness until later. Isn’t it more logical to enjoy life more intensely, starting now? Many people feel better about themselves soon after the programme starts.

Clearly, you can’t always influence all the problems that affect you. That’s just life. During the programme, you learn to deal with those problems. And that makes the feeling of happiness more lasting.

Bonding/connection makes for happiness

Happiness comes about when you find the balance between autonomy and connection. Autonomy because you choose what makes you happy from within. Connection because relationships with the people around you are part of your feeling of happiness.

‘Allow yourself a happy life.’

Instituut Felixe helps you feel a connection by way of a holistic programme. In other words, it’s about you as a whole person: mentally, spiritually and physically. Concrete advice and tailor-made coaching enable you to understand yourself and your stumbling blocks better. The programme includes boxing training, advice on nutrition, yoga, human design analysis, Reiki and medical massages.

Follow the Felixe programme in the Netherlands or on Bali

Tying yourself down for a few months, or even a year, sounds like an investment, but how would you feel if you were to experience calm rather than stress? Be able to enjoy things in a relaxed way and feeling fit and energetic. Allow yourself to feel happy.

The programme in the Netherlands is of course attuned to times that fit into your busy agenda. You can also opt for an accelerated intensive programme on the island of Bali.

Do you long for happiness?